denoise.poisson(y, meth.1 =, cs.1 = 50, meth.2 =, cs.2 = 50, hybrid = T)

Main routine of the package. Estimates the deterministic discretised intensity of a one-dimensional Poisson process using the Fisz transformation and partial cycle spinning. Requires WaveThresh3.

y The vector of Poisson counts, its length must be a power of 2.
meth.1 Unquoted name of an S-Plus routine for denoising Gaussian contaminated vectors. Must take and return a vector of length 2^J where J is an integer. The following routines supplied in this package can be used here: f.u,,, f.tiu. The user can define and plug in his or her own routines here.
cs.1 The number of cycle spins to be performed with meth.1. Must be between 1 and N-1, where N is the length of y.
meth.2 Of the same type as meth.1.
cs.2 The number of cycle spins to be performed with meth.2.
hybrid If set to T, then the estimates are computed using both meth.1 with cs.1 cycle spins, and meth.2 with cs.2 cycle spins, and the final estimate is taken to be the average of these two. If set to F, only meth.1 with cs.1 cycle spins is used to compute the final estimate.

est The estimate of the intensity which underlies y (a vector of the same length as y).