f.u(x, filter.number = 4, family = "DaubLeAsymm", levels.denoised = 3, type = "hard", by.level = T)

Denoises a Gaussian contaminated vector using wavelet thresholding with the universal threshold. Requires WaveThresh3. Also see help to wd, threshold and wr in WaveThresh.

x The noisy vector, its length must be a power of 2.
filter.number The filter number of the analysing wavelet. Can be set to 1, 2, ..., 10 for family == "DaubExPhase", or to 4, 5, ..., 10 for family == "DaubLeAsymm".
family The family of wavelet bases from which the wavelet filter.number is chosen. Can be set to "DaubExPhase" or "DaubLeAsymm".
levels.denoised The number of levels thresholded.
type Type of thresholding, can be set to "hard" or "soft".
by.level Should be set to T if the noise is correlated, otherwise F.

est Denoised version of x.