Pauline Barrieu

Publications and Research Papers


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  41. Assessing contaminated land cleanup costs and strategies (with N. Bellamy and B. Sinclair Desgagne). Applied Mathematical Modelling . Vol. 42, 4778-492, 2017 (Available for download)

Research Papers

  1. Some Remarks on Policy Making under Model Uncertainty (with B. Sinclair Desgagne). (Available at SSRN).
  2. A new methodology for asset allocation under model risk (with S. Tobelem). (Available at SSRN).
  3. Sensitivity of Stochastic Delay Differential Equations with respect to the time lag (with N. Bellamy and E. Buckwar).
  4. Flood insurance and its implications for flood protection: the Dutch case (with R. Jongejan).
  5. Optimal boat repair (with T. Schmidt).

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