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Financial mathematics. Path dependent options. Quantile, Parisian and Asian options. Lvy models.
Stochastic calculus. Excursion theory.
Point processes. Doubly stochastic point processes. Hawkes processes. Dynamic contagion models. Applications in insurance.
Insurance mathematics. Ruin theory. Lvy models.
Stochastic simulation as appiled to financial and insurance mathematics. Exact simulation.
Non-parametric statistics. Tests of association.

I am usually looking for prospective PhD students that show initiative.  Any ideas combining two or more of these areas are especially welcome or even ideas outside them. You are advised to have a look at some of my papers before contacting me.



A Two-Phase Dynamic Contagion Model for COVID-19

    (with Z.Chen,  V.Kuan, J.W.Lim, Y.Qu, B.Surya and H.Zhao)
An edited version will appear in Results in Physics

In this paper, we propose a continuous-time stochastic intensity model, namely, two-phase dynamic contagion process (2P-DCP), for modelling the epidemic contagion of COVID-19 and investigating the lockdown effect based on the dynamic contagion model introduced by Dassios and Zhao (2011). It allows randomness to the infectivity of individuals rather than a constant reproduction number as assumed by standard models. Key epidemiological quantities, such as the distribution of final epidemic size and expected epidemic duration, are derived and estimated based on real data for various regions and countries. The associated time lag of the effect of intervention in each country or region is estimated. Our results are consistent with the incubation time of COVID-19 found by recent medical study. We demonstrate that our model could potentially be a valuable tool in the modeling of COVID-19. More importantly, the proposed model of 2P-DCP could also be used as an important tool in epidemiological modelling as this type of contagion models with very simple structures is adequate to describe the evolution of regional epidemic and worldwide pandemic.

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Covid-19 Research in the Department of Statistics 

Publications: Here is a list without links. Most of them, especially recent ones can be found at  Alternatively look at google scholar and researchgate.

A Two-Phase Dynamic Contagion Model for Covid-19, 2021, to appear in Results in Physics, (with Z. Chen, V. Kuan, J.W. Lim, Y. Qu,  B. Surya and H.Zhao)

Random Variate Generation for Exponential and Gamma Tilted Stable Distributions, 2021, to appear in
Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS) (with Y.Qu and H.Zhao)

Exact Simulation of  Two parameter Poisson-Dirichlet Random Variables, 2021, Electronic Journal of Probability, 26,1-20 (with J. Zhang)

Exact Simulation of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Tempered Stable Processes, 2021, to appear in Journal of Applied Probability (with Y.Qu and H.Zhao)

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Azma martingales for Bessel and CIR processes and the pricing of Parisian zero-coupon bonds , 2020, to appear in Mathematical Finance   (with J.W. Lim and Y.Qu)
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Here are links to a few of my papers as well as some working papers:

An efficient algorithm for simulating the drawdown stopping time and the running maximum of a Brownian motion (with J.W.Lim).

A dynamic contagion process (with H. Zhao).

Double-barrier Parisian options (with S. Wu).

On barrier strategy dividends with Parisian implementation delay for classical surplus processes  (with S. Wu).

Point processes with contagion  and an application to credit risk (with H. Zhao).

A Dynamic contagion Process and an application to credit risk (with H.Zhao).

Ruin by dynamic contagion claims (with H.Zhao).

Ruin by delayed claims (with H.Zhao).

Perturbed Brownian motion and its application to Parisian option pricing (with S. Wu).

Barrier strategies with Parisian delay (with S.Wu).

Parisian ruin with exponential claims (with S.Wu).

Ruin probabilities of the Parisian type for small claims (with S.Wu).

Brownian excursions in a corridor and related Parisian options (with S.Wu).

Brownian excursions outside a corridor and two-sided Parisian options (with S.Wu).

Two sided Parisian options with a single barrier (with S.Wu).

Semi-Markov model for Excursions and Occupation time of Markov processes (with S.Wu).

The distribution of the interval between events of a Cox process with shot-noise intensity (with J. Jang).

On the quantiles of the Brownian motion and their hitting times.

Pricing of Asian options on interest rates  in the CIR model (with J.Nagaradjasarma).

The square root process and Asian options (with J. Nagaradjasarma).

Quantiles of Levy processes and applications in finance (a review)

On the quantiles of the Brownian motion and their hitting times.

Pricing of catastrophe reinsurance and derivatives using the Cox process with shot noise intensity (with J. Jang).

A Cox Process with Log-Normal Intensity (with S. Basu).

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